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 vfit Training Program

VFit is an exclusive training program where we push you to the next level both mentally and physically. The program consists of 3 in-person training days and 2 at-home cardio days per week. Your program will be tailored to your specific fitness level. Your progress will be assessed after the end of each 10 sessions, if requested. 


Before you start your VFit Lifestyle journey you will need to complete a fitness consultation. During your assessment you will complete a health questionnaire, consent forms, take before pictures, calculate your measurements, weigh in using a FeelFit compatible scale, and a timed fitness assessment which consists of 4 exercises 16 reps 3 sets. 


I want to help you not only achieve the results you’re looking for but to maximize your results and maintain them. This will mean different things for different people, but whether you want to tone muscle, lose weight, increase your strength, or simply re-align your emotional and physical self, I can help you realize your fitness goals. 


We currently have a waiting list for certain time slots so please fill out the form below and specify your desired time slot. When your time slot opens up we will contact you via email. 



Packages Deal

10 One-Hour Training Sessions for $250


We have the following training sessions slots available:


Morning training sessions:

 7:00am , 8:00am , 9:00am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sessions.


Evening training sessions:

 4:30pm, 5:30pm & 6:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday sessions. 



Schedule a fitness consultation

and start CHANGING your life TODAY!


Join the VFIT Program!

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